On-Grid Commercial PV System Kits

Commercial Solar PV Kits are ideally suited for any business that is looking to reduce rising energy costs and hedge against future energy inflation.Our pre-engineered kits are suitable for most installation sites including commercial roof tops and ground mountingl ocations.

Help the Environment

Business owners reduce electricity costs whilst simultaneously promote their brand commitment to the environment and enhace their social corporate responsibility.

Increase Your Value

Depreciate financial contributions and sell any excess electricity generated by the system back to the grid.Increase the ROI and enjoy added marketing benefits from a highly visible landmark.

Great Adaptability

Let our systems fit in your needs.We offer flexible design to serve space restricted areas.They come in a variety of inverter voltage ranges which can be adapted to site-specific electrical requirements.

What’s in the Box

  • Solar modules
  • Solar on-grid inverter (3 phase)
  • Custom roof mounting system
  • PV wiring harnesses
  • DC and AC disconnects
  • Wire management kit
  • Safety label kit
  • Single and three-line electrical and mechanical schematics

Solar Power for Your Business

Offered in both pre-configured and site specific designs, PV systems save time and money when planning and adopting solar into commercial settings.
Designed to match your business’s requirements, commercial PV systems are delivered install ready and hold internationally compliant certifications. Directly shipped from the manufacturing facility our Commercial line is ideally suited for business applications.

Product Benefits

  • Hedge yourself against future utility increases
  • Sell excessive power back to the utility grid (net metering)
  • Solar modules have up to a 25-year warranty and a typical lifetime of 40+years
  • Reduce your building operationg costs
  • Low maintenance/high reliability

Common Applications

  • Factories
  • Distribution cnters
  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings
  • Libraries
  • Churches
  • Schools

The All-in-One Box Solution

The difference is clear, get better results with our all in a box packaging solutions. Our heavy duty ISPM15 compliant care design not only protects the contents during international shipping but also ensures that the solar kits arrive to their destination site undamaged and ready for installation. BOS toolboxes are included in all our solar kits and designed with the installer in mind..