Hybrid Residential PV System Kits

PowerCube hybrid solar kits are unique in their ability to operate in either on-grid or off-grid conditions. These systems include advanced BMS technology that enables users to modify the charge/discharge rate & schedules of the battery storage unit as well as to manage power consumption and PV generation usage.

Adaptable and Friendly

Operational in both on-grid and off-grid mode, PowerCube kits are a valuable investment for those seeking an adaptable and user-friendly combination for solar and storage resources.

The Best Investment

With the decreasing cost of solar PV and Li-lon batteries, and the increasing local incentives, solar hybrid systems have become an attractive investment opportunity for home and business owners.

Schedule Your System

These systems have the ability to generate and store power at periods when electricity prices are at their highest and deliver it to the load on a scheduled time frame.

What’s in the Box

  • Solar modules
  • Hybrid inverter/charger
  • Custom roof mounting system
  • Battery bank
  • Battery storage unit
  • PV,battery bank&grounding wiring harnesses
  • DC and AC disconnects
  • Wire management kit
  • Grounding hardware
  • Safety label kit

Stackable and Scalable

Our hybrid solar storage systems include Lithium lron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery packs (48V) connected in high voltage DC configurations. The batteries offer 4000 cycles and upto 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge). Each battery is offered in a 2.4kWh block and can be stacked in different storage options. Each system can be paralleled with one another up to 10 times to achieve up to 100kW’s of PV power and almost unlimited battery backup power. Offered in both single and three phase configurations.

Product Benefits

  • Can operate in on-grid or off-grid mode
  • Sell power back to the grid or store excess power for later use
  • Use grid power or solar energy to charge the battery bank

Common Applications

  • Residential locations with unstable grids
  • Locations that do not allow net metering
  • People who want to take advantage of the utility rate changes
  • Those who cannot affor to lose power or have power outages

The All-in-One Box Solution

The difference is clear, get better results with our all in a box packaging solutions. Our heavy duty ISPM15 compliant care design not only protects the contents during international shipping but also ensures that the solar kits arrive to their destination site undamaged and ready for installation. BOS toolboxes are included in all our solar kits and designed with the installer in mind..